Can VR Be Used To Fix Social Media’s Problems

Can VR Be Used To Fix Social Media’s Problems?

It’s no secret that too much time spent on social media can be bad for you. Even with the benefits that social media use brings to the table, plenty of ...
Adult VR Industry

Oculus Go: Adult industry still loves the device

Facebook’s latest attempt to popularize virtual reality (VR) with its $200 Oculus Go VR headset is getting praise from an unexpected ally: Porn studios and their VR offshoots have high ...
Artifical Intelegence Beauty

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Future Of Beauty

As if there weren’t already enough products on the market, things are about to get even more advanced. And personal. People have been using beauty products to enhance their eyes, ...

Virtual reality comes of age

You strap on the head-mounted display, slip on the gloves, tune your ears to the surround sound — and suddenly you are facing a plank jutting out over an abyss ...

Look before you buy: Virtual reality comes to home improvement

You're about to shell out a significant amount of money to upgrade your house, and the choices make your head spin. Traditional asphalt or slate shingles? Summer blue or teardrop ...
virtual reality

Can you die in virtual reality?

Scaring someone to death? It's certainly possible. Adrenaline pumps through the body, sending the heart racing, jumping someone into cardiac arrest. But the idea of virtual reality essentially creating, a ...
holiday VR AR

Airbnb brings holiday homes to life with virtual and augmented reality

Airbnb is developing ways for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to be used for viewing holiday rental properties both before your visit and during your stay. The company ...

AI in Every Classroom

For teachers, the classroom is anything but serene. Kids giggle during lessons, call out, rustle papers, and fidget — teachers must compete with the chaos to simply get students to ...

Virtual reality app designed to alleviate workplace, other stress

Hill is the founder and CEO of StoryUp VR, a virtual reality company that provides guided meditation and positive thinking activities designed to reduce stress. Founded in 2015, StoryUp recently ...