HTC Kills Its Google VR Headset

Today HTC announced a cool new completely standalone VR headset for China, and then promptly dashed hopes in America by confirming the cancellation of the standalone headset intended for US ...

Asus WMR Headset initial review: Worth waiting for?

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is Microsoft's route into virtual reality (VR) experiences for Windows, without the need for a ultra-fast and expensive PC setup. There are a variety of third-party ...
Virtual Reality Headset

Is Virtual Reality the Future?

It’s here. The Sci-Fi fantasy that many of us once dreamed about can now be purchased for a few hundred pounds or at least emulated with a cardboard box and ...
Shinecon Headset

VR Shinecon 3D movies games headset for iPhone, Samsung

Virtual reality headsets were all the rage last year, but the high prices on many like Oculus kept it from hitting the mainstream market. Cheaper sets were available but most ...
Playstation Black Friday

Sony PS4 Black Friday Deals: PSVR falls to lowest ever price

Sony has announced a pair of enticing hardware deals to headline its Black Friday week sales. The PlayStation VR headset will cost as little as $299.99 in the United States, ...

These PSVR games prove Sony’s PS4 virtual reality headset is here to stay

The quality of PSVR games just gets better and better There’s a confidence to the next wave of games being developed for the PlayStation VR headset that transcends the limitations ...

This New Playstation Ad Takes Skyrim Fantasy Into Virtual Reality

What: Playstation continues its “Two Worlds” PS VR ad campaign with an immersive look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. Who: Sony Playstation, BBH New York Why we care: While ...
Virtual Reality

What’s holding back Virtual Reality?

When it comes to virtual reality, we’re in a classic tech-industry moment: lots of chatter but seemingly little movement. We hear future-focused cheerleading from all corners about VR’s incredible potential, ...

Designers Prototype New Approaches to VR Headset

Two common types of head-mounts for VR headsets dominate the market today: the side & top strap approach, and the halo approach (which rests mostly on the forehead). Despite their ...