microsoft surface laptop

Microsoft Expands Surface Lineup

Even as personal computer sales slow, Microsoft Corp. is adding yet another model to its growing line of Surface computers. The software giant on Tuesday announced a new 15-inch laptop ...

How much are Windows Mixed Reality headsets?

Most of the main PC makers are creating Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and a number of them are available to purchase today. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung are ...
audio VR

New VR Tech Aims to Take Surround-Sound to New Levels

Spatial audio promises immersive virtual experiences that engage more of the senses Virtual reality’s goal is to fully immerse a person in a digital landscape, triggering the same kinds of ...
price PSVR

PlayStation VR Drops To Just $225 (Without PS4 Camera) For A Limited Time

Here's a relatively cheap way to jump into PSVR. Price is one of the major impediments to widespread adoption of virtual reality. Like other VR headset manufacturers, Sony has worked ...

Facebook’s latest bombshell: The $200 wireless VR headset

Facebook dropped a bombshell on the virtual reality world Wednesday: a $200 virtual reality headset that doesn't require wires or a smartphone to work. The headset could go a long ...

New Apple Patent Hints Advanced VR Hardware Is Coming

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published the latest in a string of Apple hardware patents, specifically relating to the tech-giant’s vision of a head-mountable hardware system that’s ...

Test out new Virtual Reality Features in Google Chrome with this Flag

Basic virtual reality using a Google Daydream VR headset was added to Chrome 61 in the stable branch a few weeks ago without needing to enable any hidden toggles or ...

How virtual reality developers are surviving the hype cycle

Today, Oculus kicks off its fourth annual Connect developers conference, where the Facebook-owned company will set the tone for virtual reality development in 2018. Connect will be capping off what’s ...

Consumers Moving To Watching TV On VR Headsets

Television viewing is coming to virtual reality. While VR headsets have been most notably used for gaming, many consumers around the world expect to use VR for TV and video ...