Evidence found of white dwarf remnant after supernova

An international team of space scientists has found evidence of what they believe is a remnant of a type Iax supernova—a white dwarf moving in a way that suggests it ...

This supernova shock wave slammed into its companion star

Fast followup allowed astronomers to see the cause of the explosion. Type Ia supernovae are one of the most important tools in an astronomer’s toolkit. These bright but brief events ...

Is Dark Matter Less ‘Lumpy’ Than Predicted?

Don Lincoln is a senior scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermilab, the country's largest Large Hadron Collider research institution. He also writes about science for the public, including his recent ...

No, This Year’s Solar Eclipse Won’t Trigger a Nibiru Apocalypse

The hype over the Great American Eclipse on 21 August is certainly reaching fever pitch now that we're less than ten days out, and we hope that you are already ...

Astronomers just mapped the inside of a supernova

It turns out these events could be even more impressive than we thought. A supernova is the largest explosion you might ever see if you ever get to see it! ...

Most Accurate Map of Recent Universe Unveiled by Scientists

A new map of the universe has been unveiled by scientists, revealing the last seven billion years of the history of the cosmos. The results of the Dark Energy Survey show ...

Ancient Venus May Have Had an Ocean of Water

French scientists have run computer simulations about the formation of Venus that suggest that “Earth’s Twin” once had a thin ocean of water shortly after it formed. The researchers with the ...

“Glowing” Water Atmosphere Detected on an Exoplanet For The First Time

Thanks again, Hubble. For the first time, scientists have detected water molecules "glowing" around a planet outside our Solar System, giving us the best evidence yet of an exoplanet with ...
Sun core

Scientists Just Revealed a Hidden Secret About The Sun’s Inner Core

The beginning of new solar physics. The innermost region of the Sun is hidden from our eyes, and it looks like this stealth has enabled the core to conceal a ...