Friends with an Ex? Check Your Motives First, Science Says

WASHINGTON — Can you really stay friends with an ex? It depends on why you want to continue the relationship, a new study finds. Staying friends with an ex is ...
Disney parks

‘Star Wars’ virtual reality experience to open near Disney parks this year

“Star Wars” lovers now have something else to get excited about this holiday season. In addition to “The Last Jedi” – the second installment in the final trilogy – slated ...

Virtual Reality: The Ultimate Tourism Sales Tool?

In fact, I can not think of a better tool to attract new visitors to your destination. People's time and money are extremely limited so they want to know that ...
quantified life sleep app

Tracking my life with tech to improve my life

There’s this idea that if we quantify and track our lives, our lives will be better. But I’m not so sure about that. Over the past week, I’ve tracked both ...

This Animation Shows What Earth Would Look Like if All The Ice Melted

Rising Sea Levels In 2015, NASA revealed that Earth’s oceans are rising faster than expected, and the space agency projected that we’re now “locked in” to at least 90 cm of sea ...
fitness virtual reality

Virtual and augmented reality coming to the fitness world

Health technology continues to expand across general fitness werarables and advanced medical instruments. With the home fitness market, a big growth area is with virtual and augmented reality. The prediction ...
Proxima Centauri

When Will The First Human Leave The Solar System?

One thousand years. That is the minimum length of time it would take us to get to the nearest star - Proxima Centauri - using current methods. But since we ...

Unlimited Tomorrow CEO Creates Lifelike 3D Printed Hand for Young Momo

LaChappelle is a young engineer who is using 3D printing to develop high-tech prosthetics for amputees with his company Unlimited Tomorrow. Momo Sutton, a 10-year-old girl, has been using a ...
Honolulu road

Honolulu plans fines for looking at a mobile phone while crossing the road

Pedestrians who look at their mobile phones while crossing the road in Honolulu face fines of up to $99. The measure to tackle the problems of "distracted walking" will come ...