PlayStation VR

PlayStation 5: The VR effect

Sony became the first console manufacturer to embrace virtual reality, thanks to the PlayStation VR, but if you examine PlayStation VR closely – and observe

A breakthrough in battery chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago could lead to greener energy storage devices

First fully rechargeable carbon dioxide battery lasts 500 cycles

The search for advanced materials that can take battery technology to the next level has led scientists to some imaginative places, including designs inspired by


Can VR Be Used To Fix Social Media’s Problems

Can VR Be Used To Fix Social Media’s Problems?

It’s no secret that too much time spent on social media can be bad for you. Even with the benefits that social media use brings

Adult VR Industry

Oculus Go: Adult industry still loves the device

Facebook’s latest attempt to popularize virtual reality (VR) with its $200 Oculus Go VR headset is getting praise from an unexpected ally: Porn studios and