HTC Vive, VR headset, is now $200 easier to buy

HTC has announced a permanent $200 price drop for its Vive virtual reality headset, bringing its cost down to $600. This development arrives just as Oculus’ Summer of Rift promotion ...

Where you can watch a livestream of the solar eclipse

Don't live near the path of totality? No problem! You can livestream the big event. If you will be outside the path of totality, stuck inside at work, or under ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Produce First 4K Virtual Reality Experience With Gear VR

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8, which will be announced next week. The phone, according to most sources, will ...

Google Home now works with Spotify free accounts

For all of the talk of how voice assistants could be the future of IoT or computing in general, the only consistently engaging use of home assistants like Echo or ...

UPS is training drivers with virtual reality

New UPS drivers will have to prove themselves in virtual reality before they can get behind the wheel of one of the company's 10,000-pound trucks. The delivery company announced Tuesday ...

Farpoint VR for PlayStation 4’s PSVR just got a major discount

If you’re a proud PlayStation VR owner then you’ll probably want to pick up one of the first games available for the platform: Farpoint. Online retailer Base is selling Farpoint ...

What happens in Earth’s atmosphere during an eclipse?

Using smartphones and radio kits, researchers will track changes in how radio waves travel through the ionosphere As the moon’s shadow races across North America on August 21, hundreds of ...

Air France trials virtual reality headsets

Air France is trialing the use of virtual reality headsets in-flight, allowing passengers to “enjoy 3D and 2D films or series in their own private movie theatre in isolation from ...

Coldplay Live Tour in Virtual Reality

Coldplay Virtual Reality Live Steam by Samsung Gear VR : Samsung America and Live Nation will broadcast Coldplay’s 'A Head Full of Dreams Tour' live in virtual reality from Chicago’s ...